FUNCTION: Havoc Wreaker


"Kremzeek! Kremzeek!"

PROFILE: A creature made of pure energy, Kremzeek was created by Megatron to destroy Autobots and distract them from his latest plan (a giant energy magnet). Kremzeek  jumps from place to place screaming his name, joyfully destroying everything in his path. He rushes to the first target that catches his eye and when he's done, moves on without a care. He rarely ever stops to rest. The only time Kremzeek is unhappy is when there is nothing for him to take control of, eat, or detonate.

ABILITIES: Kremzeek gains strength from consuming electricity or matter (he likes metal). If he consumes enough energy he can grow in size or split off into many smaller Kremzeeks. He can enter any kind of electronics and control it, or overload it (this includes Transformers!). He can also travel along lines of communication, allowing him to be almost anywhere instantly. Kremzeek is invulnerable to any physical attack. Energy attacks (like lasers) only feed him. Extreme heat (such as incendiary weapons) only slow him down, and he is actually accelerated by extreme cold (such as liquid nitrogen). The only things that can stop him are being well insulated, and electromagnetic pulses (such as radio waves).

WEAKNESSES: Electromagnetic pulses are Kremzeek's Achilles heel. Small EMP's can slow him down; a very large one can disperse him to the point he ceases to exist. Also, his carefree attitude means he often can be easily led into traps.







KREMZEEK!!! A flash of blue light.... and Kremzeek is born!
Eating metal, Yum Yum! Megatron has a
      job for Kremzeek Krem is up to the task!
Outside Autobot headquarters Entering a camera.... and out the screen
      it's wired to!
Look out, Jazz! Kremzeek can enter any machine... and disable it!!
Sparkplug's shocking experience On the run Hi there!!
A Kremzeek in the hand
      is worth..... On the beach in Tokyo Kremzeek is stopped by an
      insulating foam that
      Optimus is covered in
Choo Choo! At the controls of the train! At the train station,
      look for electronics
He sees something! At the arcade,
      which game to choose? Mayhem at the TV factory!
Kremzeek doesn't like radio waves! Krems of many colors! The many Krems merge
      into one big Kremzeek!
Bumblebee trys to lure the big Kremzeek Lunchtime!! Eating the Decepticons
      energy magnet The big Krem is gone but
      the original still survives!